Peter Pasch aka Doc Fritz

Born in Berlin in 1957, Peter grew up practically with the playlist of the American soldier channel AFN. His father was a bassist and clarinet player in a jazz band. Accompanied by modern music of the time such as rock and roll, swing, beat and soul music, Peter drummed on all the objects they were in his parents' house. And finally, at the age of 10, he was sitting on his first own drum set.

Subsequently, numerous sessions and performances followed, together with his acclaimed Berlin bands at reputable locations in the West-Berlin club scene. In the eighties Peter developed into a prominent drummer of the Berlin music-scene and performed regularly in “Neue Deutsche Welle” Productions. As a studio and live drummer he worked with Ulla Meinecke, Stefan Waggershausen and the Berlin bands Aroma Plus, UKW and Interzone.

Precision and continuity have always been an important aspect for the skilled dental technician, which finally brought him the nickname "DOC FRITZ". An excellent drummer - dynamic, precise and humorous.

In September 2015, he and Ralf Wadephul founded the ORCHESTRA OF ELECTRIC SPACEJAZZ.